Software Bugs in new versions

Unfortunately our recent app releases contain bugs which may affect certain users.

  • In ClickToPhone version 285 for Android, 2×3 housemate grids are displaying an extra back key and triggering incorrect IR codes. This problem has been solved in version 286 which is available now on the Play Store and our website.
  • In HouseMateHomeControl version 4.0 for iOS there are two bugs:
    1. The App begins in technician mode. To solve this simply press the back button in the bottom right hand corner or update to 4.1 when available.
    2. Some users have reported that certain ECU functions no longer activate. To solve this restore your most recent project backup or update to 4.1 when available.

Both of these bugs have been resolved in version 4.1 which is currently under review by Apple. We hope to see it published within the next 24 hours.


We apologies for these problems and hope they did not cause any inconvenience to our users.